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The Best WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Your Content

Whether you’re a small business or a blog, WordPress is a great place for your content. If you want to go beyond the standard platform, there are hundreds of plugins to choose from that can enhance your website. Many of them are incredibly useful in enhancing your content, but here are the best:


If you want to add music to your WordPress site, Cue allows you to create customized playlists that can be played directly from your site. Audio files can be easily imported or rearranged at any time.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Content 1Photo Gallery

If you’re looking to add pictures to your content, this plugin will allow you to add and edit images on the page. You can change the way the pictures are viewed and an add-on will allow you to import from Facebook.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Content 2Seriously Simple Podcasting

The best way to get your podcast onto your site is through this plugin. Seriously Simple Podcasting was designed to be easy to use with minimal setting that will allow you to set up your content without having to do too much behind the scenes. There are add-ons that allow you to track traffic stats so you can see who is listening.

Simple Pull Quote

This plugin gives you a super easy way to insert pull quotes within your content. By downloading the plugin, it adds a pull quote button to the editor that you can use while constructing your page.


With TablePress, you can easily create fully functioning tables right on your page without having to do any coding. Instead, you can enter all the information into a spreadsheet format before it goes live. For more advanced table options, you can download TablePress Extensions as add-ons to your plugin.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Content 1Timeline Express

This fun plugin allows you to create a timeline of posts for your WordPress site. Just plug in the articles and the timeline will populate on your page, complete with CSS animations. The Pro version allows you to set up multiple timelines.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Content 3WP Video Lightbox

This plugin allows you to embed videos of all different formats right into your content. The plugin supports YouTube, Vimeo, Flash, and iFrame video formats. WP Video Lightbox is also compatible on mobile, so your videos will be correctly oriented on phones and tablets.

The Best WordPress Plugins for Enhancing Content 4Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

This plugin allows you to display other posts on the page that are relevant to your article in order to continue the conversation with your readers and increase site traffic. The Pro package allows you to alter the configuration and location of the widget, display sponsored content, and receive reports about your content list.