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We Decided to Make This Week’s #BoltTalks about “Clickbait”

You’ve finished editing your article. You’re finally ready to come up with that eye-catching, attention-grabbing, gold nugget of a headline before publishing. To nab yourself some quick inspiration, you browse down your timeline, hoping that something good catches your eye, in time to rouse your imagination awake.

Before you know it, you’ve seen already seen four different posts from four different sources, each with a headline promising way more than any one article can possibly deliver- from what this kitten did to this 2 year old (which WILL BLOW YOUR MIND), to the time this girl twerked for the first time (the results of which WE STILL CAN’T BELIEVE).

Welcome, ladies and gentleman, to the House of Clickbait.
In it, shock and awe is promised, only half of is ever delivered, and you’ll spend 3 minutes of your life reading what’s most likely a forgettable article after getting baited into clicking on it by a gaudy, sensational headline.

Join us is in this week’s #BoltTalks on Clickbait, Thursday, October 2nd at 2 PM.

[highlighted_text]How to take part in #BoltTalks[/highlighted_text] 1. Make sure you are following @Boltwebs on Twitter.
2. Log in to Twitter around 2pm (11am PT) on Thursday.
3. Watch for @Boltwebs to post questions and join in with your own responses. Be sure to use #BoltTalks hashtag in every post so that you’ll be a part of the conversation.