Digital Ubiquity

Ubiquity: the state or capacity of being everywhere, especially at the same time; omnipresence.

This illustration takes us on a digital journey for the average mobile user. We can see the user performing various functions on their device from booking a hotel room to doing online shopping. Having a seamless experience from one online interaction to another is what the digital sphere strives for, in addition to usability. Our lives are immersed in digital technology, making our world more connected now than it has ever been in the past.  Take advantage of the new interactive technologies in order to provide your customers with a memorable experience that will capture and retain them.

Your Brain On Digital Marketing

Digital marketing requires creativity. Creativity requires going beyond the ordinary. Flexibility, questioning assumptions, shying away from the traditional, and breaking the chains of ‘truths’ that are no longer true all encompass characteristics that shape a digital marketing mentality.

CHALLENGE conventional thinking.

RESEARCH the competitive landscape of your industry.

EVALUATE your current marketing efforts to gauge if they are working.

ANALYZE an interaction with your brand online from a user’s perspective.

THINK about your audience’s wants and needs.

INITIATE engagement with audience through online platforms.

VISUALIZE what you want to accomplish with your marketing.

IMMERSE your brand message across multiple online channels.

TAILOR your brand message to suit the channel.

YOLO. Enough said.

Perceptions of a Brand

Written by Courtney from Bolt Digital Agency

Brands are like personalities; they are formed by the individual perceptions and experiences of consumers. One person may see a brand, such as Apple, as entertaining and witty, comparable to a comedian. Another may view it as captivating, dynamic, and “able to leap tall buildings in a single bound.” These various characteristics and interpretations come together to form a complete brand identity. At BOLT, we believe in embracing audience’s insights in order to build a distinct brand image.