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Bolt’s Guide to Surviving Social Media Week NYC

Social Media Week New York City is here and if this is your first time attending, there are a few things you need to consider during the week.

Time Management

Time management is crucial at Social Media Week. You want to make sure your itinerary for the day has already been planned out, so you have an idea about where you’ll be and when you need to be there. If you’re staying nearby and don’t know the area, it’s best that you plan out your commute before you leave to avoid getting lost. Get there early to give yourself enough time to grab some food and explore the area.

When considering which seminars to attend, remember to space them out because some tend to overlap. Others have large gaps in between them, and while this can be a good time to go out for food and drinks, it can also be more productive to get some work done during the day. Find a nice spot near an outlet and stay productive.


It’s important to prioritize the events that you’re interested in attending. There are so many seminars happening each day that it’s impossible to get much out of it if you’re just wandering around and attending what’s available at the time. Read the schedule of events, prioritize what is more relevant to you and your company, and determine how you can optimize your day. This will ensure that you get the most out of Social Media Week while still keeping your cool.


Unfortunately, even the best planner will fail to attend all the events going on over the next week. If you’re attending Social Media Week with a group, you should consider taking advantage of your numbers by splitting up so you can attend as many different seminars as possible. You can divide coworkers by their role and professional interests, ensuring that the right person gets to the right event. This way each employee remains productive and the team gets to learn more than any one person would be able to.


You’ll meet a lot of people from many different companies across the industry over the span of the full week. While the idea of networking is a little too formal for the environment you’ll be in, having a good conversation and sharing a drink after hours is an incredibly easy way to make lasting connections with those you interact with. The groundwork for future collaborations and business partnerships can take place at Social Media Week. This is the best way to have fun and remain invested in your company’s future.

Don’t pass up the chance to socialize with those on the SMWNYC app and using the live hashtags during each seminar and throughout the event.


During the span of Social Media Week, most events will take place at the New York Times Building in Midtown Manhattan, but many will take place at the SVA Theatre in Chelsea. The trip between venues shouldn’t take very long, since it’s just a straight shot down 8th Avenue. You can also take the C or E train two stops south to 23rd Street. Just give yourself a few extra minutes for travel time.

While you’re in New York City, it’s important to know where everything is located. There are plenty of restaurants and bars in Midtown and Chelsea, but since you’ll be spending most of your time around the New York Times Building, we included the restaurants in the immediate area. 

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Good luck and have fun!