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Programmatic Advertising’s Feature on Kevin Anderson

Our social media strategist, Kevin Anderson, was recently featured in Programmatic Advertising’s “Let’s Talk Programmatic: Marketer Spotlight.” The topic of discussion was centered around the buzz of programmatic advertising, the automated process of buying online ads. Kevin provides a fresh look at the growing interest in the field and expresses his enthusiasm for future developments. And of course, it wouldn’t be Kev without a bit of playfulness. See for yourself in the excerpt below:

Programmatic What excites you about the future of digital advertising? What are you looking forward to?

Kevin: The preciseness and accuracy of super-targeted programmatic advertising excites me. Let’s see how good we can make it.

I also want to see who will crack the code on getting mobile advertising to really work effectively. Screw it, I want a piece of that pie myself.

Those two issues, along with the wave of “transparency” that’s in the process of hitting us, are some things I look forward to. I think transparency will be a concept that should not only be applied to advertising, but to company cultures and business in general!

Check out Kevin’s full interview at Programmatic Advertising.