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How Periscope Can Harness the Power of Authenticity

Brands may be on social media, but it’s the smart ones who are using these new communication channels wisely. Periscope is a one such platform. It  allows you to broadcast a live feed through their app, but it has yet to be of much commercial use due to the very nature of live video. However, there are actually two incredible ways companies can use Periscope to produce a more authentic conversation with their customers…

Exclusive Access

Granting access is important. People enjoy feeling like a VIP and will often pay for premium services for additional content that others are missing out on. However, not all premium content has to be paid for. Periscope would allow brand followers to attend important events from their device to gain exclusive access to content not yet available on more mainstream channels like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

People follow social media stars because these different platforms grant us access to their lives, but most allow content creators to rehearse, edit, and practice before they click submit. They also allow for content to be accessed whenever you want. Periscope’s live streaming would require users to tune in at a specific time to view the rawest and most authentic content available, which is really where social media has been going anyway, as evidenced by Snapchat’s popularity.

Content creation is king, but brands can take advantage of Periscope’s capabilities to make live access in itself their content. Many companies already put on live concerts, sponsor events, and perform stunts, but now this type of branding can be accessed anywhere and allow viewers to feel in the moment. Imagine one of Budweiser’s parties being broadcast over the internet, or iHeartRadio having a concert streamed live, or Chevy performing their latest car stunt in front of an audience of millions.


Gaining customer trust is a vital part of brand consideration and Periscope could be the best and fastest way to earn that trust. Traditional social media channels allow brands to release content, but only once it’s been thoroughly vetted by the proper PR and legal teams. In the end, no matter how entertaining a video or picture might be, it can never really be as transparent as live access can be.

Because Periscope users have no time to carefully edit their content, brands can use that to their advantage by offering viewers a rare look behind the curtain. Coca-Cola could take viewers behind the scenes of their bottling plant, McDonald’s could grant people a rare, unedited, look into how their food is made. By providing live content, companies can express a certain amount of trust in their brand, as well as in their customers. A trust that goes both ways is the authenticity that social media truly strives for.

In a way, Periscope is less about advertising, and more about brand building. Companies don’t need to sell products at this point in the conversation; they’re sharing experiences, granting access, and offering full transparency. They’re breaking down barriers. If customers buy the brand, they’ll buy the products they offer. By dropping all pretenses of selling, companies can finally have the authentic conversation they have been dying to have with their customers ever since social media came around.