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How Periscope is Building an Active Community

Written by Courtney from Bolt Digital Agency

Everyone is focused on the now. Never mind what happened last week or what may happen two months from now, people want to know what’s happening in the present. Social media has fed our thirst for “the moment” up until now, but there is a new social tool on the rise: live streaming. Videos shared online have long since been premeditated, scripted, edited, and edited again until perfect. Live streaming snatches away that security blanket and forces marketers to be more… yes I’ll say it… real.

Real-time social interaction and engagement via video enables your brand to communicate in a more human way with your audience. You’re giving your audience an experience that transcends to the physical by collectively engaging their senses. They listen to you. Their eyes follow you on the screen. Their minds are actively processing your message.

The mobile streaming app Periscope (owned and adopted by Twitter) recently launched with a flurry of buzz. Its live videos give users an active community where content can be freely shared amongst members on the fly. A brand can have an event taking place and share the experience with its audience while its happening. This opens up tons of possibilities: product launches, contests, interviews, customer service support, demonstrations, etc. If your brand is rooted in visual content, live video can build a new fan base of customers looking for more personalized brand interaction.