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7 essential apps every startup needs

7 essential apps every startup needs 3Analytics: Roambi Analytics
Platform: Desktop, iOS, Android
Pricing: Free

Data visualization can be difficult to create and share because building graphs, charts, and displays isn’t always intuitive and can be difficult to update. Cumbersome files are not easy to share across multiple platforms and a large group of people. This is where Roambi Analytics swoops in and changes how we see data forever.

The app allows you to take raw business data, create fully interactive graphics for mobile devices and desktop, and share them with your team. The application can also connect directly with programs like Excel,, Cognos, and Microsoft SQL. All data graphics can be exported to the cloud, allowing crucial business data to be at your fingertips at all times.

7 essential apps every startup needs 1Calendar: Fantastical 2
Platform: iOS
Pricing: Free version, Paid version

Calendar applications can make a hectic life easier to manage, but a lot of times we don’t even have enough time to devote to these programs. Flexibits has designed the Fantastical 2 app to revolutionize their calendar to a point where it’s an essential part of any businessperson’s day.

The app has been upgraded into a full Mac application that can quickly and easily help manage your schedule. The app was created to be intelligent enough to understand your personal writing style and import your audio entries, recognize your locations, and place them on maps. Fantastical 2 now has improved repeating events and reminders, added timezone support, and introduced multiple calendars that you can easily toggle through. A widget allows your phone and desktop calendar to communicate and keep you connected.

7 essential apps every startup needs 2

Communications: Slack
Platform: Desktop, iOS, Android
Pricing: Free basic plan, Tiered pricing

Companies have required a simple, reliable, and instantaneous form of communication for years. Slack has become a juggernaut in the field of office communications by creating an instant messaging platform that is easier and faster than email.

Slack allows you to create a better collaborative environment by focusing conversation into specific channels. You can also communicate through private and custom group messages, set notification preferences, setup name pinging, and control privacy settings. Slack can also make it easy to share files and the mobile app works seamlessly with desktop to keep you up to date. Best of all, the app was developed to be intuitive and is customizable to meet individual needs.

7 essential apps every startup needs 4Content Management: Box
Platform: Desktop, iOS, Android
Pricing: Free basic plan, Tiered pricing

Content management requires organization and accessibility. That means not just document storage, but also version control, and an ability to share content with contributors. Box offers these features and so much more.

Box is a cloud-based document storage app that allows users to securely share content with team members without having to go through confusing points of contact. Just upload your documents into Box and your team will be able to locate and download them. The app also allows you to assign tasks, manage deadlines, and automate workflow so you can take full control of your content.

7 essential apps every startup needs 5Productivity: Evernote
Platform: Desktop, iOS, Android
Pricing: Free basic plan, Tiered pricing

Think of all the different programs you usually need to use in order to create content, manage that content, and share it with others. There are many productivity apps available in the app store, but Evernote is the only one that does everything.

Evernote works with you to organize your grocery list, your research notes, and everything else in between. Take notes, save web pages, take images, transcribe audio, and store it all in one place. It then allows you to collaborate, communicate, and share information with anyone without ever having to leave the app.

7 essential apps every startup needs 6Social: Sprout Social
Platform: Web, iOS, Android
Pricing: Tiered pricing

Every company needs a social media presence, but it’s become a daunting task just to manage each one of your accounts on a regular basis. We now have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Google Plus, and if you’re a social media company, you probably have dozens of different accounts that need to be updated daily.

Sprout Social allows you to manage all of your social media accounts in one location. Through their web and mobile app you can check feeds, schedule posts, answer messages, track tasks, and view data for each one of your accounts. Social media content management has become incredibly important, and Sprout Social makes it possible.

7 essential apps every startup needs 7Travel: TripIt
Platform: iOS, Android
Pricing: Free basic plan, Tiered pricing

Traveling can be stressful, and if you or your employees have to mine through emails and print-outs for every single connecting flight and reservation, something is bound to go wrong. TripIt is an app that funnels all travel information into one place so you can quickly and easily see what comes next on your trip.

By using this app, all your flight plans, your car reservations, your hotel information–everything in your itinerary–is in the palm of your hand. TripIt provides you with travel alerts, updates on your connecting flights, and even allows you to share your plans with others and find restaurants on your way to your next destination. Traveling has never been so easy.